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If you're a kid (actually, even if you're a grown-up), it can be easy to find things to be grumpy about - life can be down right tough, sometimes! But, with the help of her mom, Kenny is determined to list all of the wonderful things she has to be thankful for in her Short Little, Very Long Prayerbook. Enjoy reading Kenny's 'thankful list' and then write your own. You may run out of paper, just like she did!

Kenny's (Short Little, Very Long) Prayerbook

SKU: 9780996331524
  • This 8"x10" matte finished, full color book was written by Heather Sanders and R. Kennedy Sanders and illustrated by James A. Lewis. Hard and soft cover books available. The perfect gift or supplemental learning material for children, expecting parents or educators. (Ages 0–12)

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